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From the Arctic ocean of Svalbard to the heart of the Amazon rainforest, our team has ventured around the world in scientific exploration. Discover our many projects on this page and learn how you can contribute to upcoming expeditions.

Polarquest 2018

World-record mission around the Svalbard archipelago

Our iconic expedition! In 2018, Polarquest team carried out the world-first complete circumnavigation of the entire Svalbard archipelago with a sailing boat.

Mission highlights:

  • Recording of the world’s first sea-level data up to the latitude of 82°07’N.
  • First visit to the crash spot of the Italia airship, on its 90th anniversary.
  • Detailed studies of mico- and nano-plastic pollution in the Arctic, including the record latitude sampling.
  • First 3D mapping of the Northern Svalbard coasts using drones.

Visit the polarquest 2018 site

nanuq 2020

Survey of Greenland’s coasts

An expedition and survey of the coasts of Greenland, visiting select places in order to describe its unique environment and features. The mission aimed for the Blosseville coast which, due to its volcanic origin, makes it very interesting to environmental science. Its unique ecosystems can give clues to future development induced by climate change.


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previous Expeditions

From the Atacama desert to the Amazon rainforest, the team have covered the globe in their scientific explorations. Learn about these expeditions, carried out from 2006 to 2014 before the formal creation of the Polarquest Association.



Upcoming Missions

We are currently preparing an exciting new mission, building on our record-breaking expedition of 2018! Keep an eye out for new developments coming soon.

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