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We are an international team of science explorers, researchers and storytellers with a passion for polar environments and their preservation. We believe science is the most wonderful adventure and we want to share our passion and first-hand knowledge with you

Through our accurate storytelling and engaging activities, you’ll be fascinated by the wonders our world holds, while also learning about cutting-edge science. We cover a range of contemporary scientific disciplines, including astrophysics, marine biology, oceanography, cosmology, environmental science and geography. 


Meet our speakers  

United by a passion for science, our speakers are actively and directly involved in scientific research: from marine biology to particle physics.

Ombretta Pinazza

Ombretta Pinazza

Particle Physicist

Subjects: cosmic rays, particle physics. Languages: English, Italian, French.

Stefano Aliani

Stefano Aliani

Marine Biologist

Subjects: plastic pollution in oceans, oceanography, marine biology, polar research. Languages: Italian, English.

Gianluca Casagrande

Gianluca Casagrande


Subjects: cartography, 3D mapping, research with drones, arctic environments, history of arctic explorations. Languages: Italian, English.

Kevin Monneron

Kevin Monneron

Free diver, engineer

Subjects: free diving in high altitude lakes and arctic fjords for scientific research, engineer at CERN Languages: French, English, .

Paola Catapano

Paola Catapano

Science communicator

Subjects: science adventure, journalism, Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, particle physics, cosmology, sailing Languages: Italian, English, French

Mike Struik

Mike Struik

Photographer, drone pilot

Subjects: photography and drones, expeditions logistics, biker, engineer at CERN. Languages: English, French, Dutch, German.

What we offer

We offer educational programmes and public events in many different languages and for all ages and backgrounds:

  • classroom and field activities for Primary School or High School students,
  • general public talks,
  • exhibitions
  • film screenings.

Activities include one or a variety of the following themes:

  • micro- and macro-plastic pollution,
  • astrophysics, particle physics and cosmology,
  • environmental sampling in alpine lakes and mountains,
  • 3D mapping with drones,
  • science journalism. 

Educational Programmes

Build a detector

Half-a-day in the classroom

Meet a scientist and learn about their research

  • introduction by one of our science communicators with projections of films and photos from our expeditions
  • Remote live connection to scientists in the field explaining their research
  • Q/A session
  • Documentary projection


Science workshops: hands-on science with scientific coaching

Be a scientist for a day/week/semester

Programme includes: Introduction in the classroom, field research, data analysis, publication writing, presenting results, communicating research to the general public

Research in the field

Remote connections with scientists

Examples of field research activities:

1. sampling lake Leman, rivers and alpine lakes: micro/macro plastics, water quality, sediments, etc.

2. Drone mapping of plastic debris in remote areas (Jura, lake shores, Alps)

3. Assembling a cosmic ray detector (CERN)

This programme can be adapted from a 2 day duration, partly in the classroom and partly outside, to a full school year.


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