28 July ’21


Best Explorer arrives in LongyearbyeN!

They are here! At 18:27 on 28 July 2021, Best Explorer pulled into the habour of Longyearbyen, Svalbard, having successfully completed the crossing of the Barents Sea.

The Best Explorer crew departed from Tromsø on 23 July, setting off on the first leg of the Polarquest 2021 expedition. Originally meant to be a four day crossing, the crew encountered heavy fog and winds, which made the already notoriously rough crossing all the more difficult.

Dominik & Elias looking out for Best Explorer.

And so everyone following the mission watched Best Explorer’s live tracker with great anticipation. Had they passed Bear Island yet? Do they see land yet? Any bets on when will they arrive?

Their arrival today was met with great celebration! A chance to catch up on news and install final equipment aboard Best Explorer.

This is just the start of the Polarquest 2021 Save the White expedition. The full crew will now embark Best Explorer, setting off around the archipelago to carry out their research.

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