18 Jul ’21

Tromsø, Norway

Preparations underway for Polarquest 2021!

The adventure continues with Polarquest2021: Save the White! Our crew is in Tromsø, Norway, preparing for a new Arctic expedition.

Building upon the ethos of our successful 2018 expedition to Svalbard, we’re returning to continue our scientific investigations! Polarquest has partnered with Arctic Sail Expeditions-Italia for the organization of this expedition and will be sailing aboard Best Explorer.

Our team is currently in Tromsø, Norway, preparing for the Polarquest2021 expedition. First steps: making sure we have our scientific equipment and a full ship’s stores!

Project Leader Paola Catapano loads supplies onto Best Explorer.

Mike Struik & Kevin Monneron test drone equipment.

There’s a lot to get ready before Best Explorer can set sail. We have been loading up the ship’s stores with supplies, including those provided by our partners.

We have also been making sure we have all the scientific equipment we need for our planned research. This includes aerial and underwater drones, sampling equipment for eDNA, and infrastructure for the sonar.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, ensuring the safe arrival of all these supplies has been difficult! But the team’s persistence and creative thinking have kept the mission timeline on track.

Kevin tests out the team’s new underwater drone.

Installing the support for the sonar.

Further equipment – and crew members! – will join Best Explorer once it has crossed the Barents Sea and arrives in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

When will that be? The crossing between mainland Norway and Svalbard is always “adventurous” and depends on the weather. Skipper Nanni Acquarone is keeping a close eye on the forecast and hopes to set sail by mid-week!

Click here to learn more about the Polarquest2021 expedition, and follow the mission on social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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