14 Jul ’21

Call to Action

Help us save the white: Support our Crew!

Are you looking for a way to support the Polarquest2021 arctic mission? Now you can contribute to our crew’s financing. 

Our crew member Kevin Monneron – diver and technician for scientific projects – needs your help! He has launched a crowd-funding campaign to help finance his participation fees in the Polarquest2021 mission. Here is his message:

“Thank you for supporting my participation and making my dream come true. Your contribution to this campaign will help increase humanity’s knowledge of the Arctic, taking a first step towards finding solutions for the protection of our environment.”


Meet Polarquest2021 crew member: Kevin Monneron!

Learn more about Kevin’s role in the Polarquest2021 mission:

“I am thrilled to be able to join this expedition as a volunteer, with the role of technical assistant for the team of scientists in charge of environmental research projects. In particular, I will be diving in waters as low as -2 ° C, taking sediment samples and assisting the team during the installation of the underwater scientific equipment.

“The requested funding will be used to cover my France–Svalbard travel expenses, my expenses for my diving and safety equipment as well as my expenses for offshore sailing equipment.”

Please consider supporting Kevin and the Polarquest2021 expedition!


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