Polarquest research on Swiss news


June 2020

Arctic Research
Polarquest 2018


In a recent article on Heidi.news, journalist Olivier Dessibourg discusses emerging arctic research projects. 

The article takes a deep look at the many arctic projects led by Swiss organisations. Among these excellent peers, the Polarquest 2018 mission to Svalbard about the sailing boat Nanuq is highlighted. 

That iconic mission saw several world “firsts”: a record-latitute study of Cosmic Rays, the northernmost studies of microplastics  and the first 3D mapping of the Northern Svalbard coasts

Screencap of the article on Heidi.news

The Polarquest 2018 mission is given special highlight as a passive, eco-friendly mission:

“PolarQuest 2018: à bord du voilier de 20m renforcé Nanuq, des chercheurs, emmenés par une collaboratrice du CERN, Paola Catapano, ont sillonné l’Arctique sur les traces également de microplastiques et de polluants chimiques, mais aussi à la traque de rayons cosmiques.”