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Views from our expedition circumnavigating Svalbard

Cosmic Muon tracks detected

Nautical miles of Arctic Ocean Explored

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Polarquest is an international team of professional researchers, communicators and explorers with a commitment to the environment, research and education! Through our citizen science expeditions, we’ve given new insights into some of the greatest enigmas of science: from microplastic pollution to the origin of high energy cosmic rays

In addition, we are passionate about communication and education – sharing the impact of human pollution as well as the magic of our planet’s extraordinary natural phenomena.

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Citizen science from the Arctic to the Amazon.

Arizona 2 Alaska

A motorbike expedition to the arctic circle


Scientific survey of the coasts of eastern Greenland.

Polarquest 2021

Arctic research expedition of the Svalbard Archipelago.



Circumnavigating Svalbard in our record-breaking mission.


Polarquest 2021: Save the White

Polarquest2021: Save the White was an Arctic research expedition to the Svalbard Archipelago carried out on board the record-breaking Best Explorer. Polarquest Association partnered with Arctic Sail Expeditions-Italia for the organization of this expedition.

The expedition explored the impact of human activity on the archipelago: sampling the driftwood and plastic we leave behind, and monitoring impact of climate change on biodiversity through eDNA sampling.

Polarquest2021 crossed the 80th parallel North, into uncharted waters in the Northeast of the Svalbard archipelago. The team carried out first-of-a-kind mapping by air and sea, giving testimony to the state of the Arctic environment in the northernmost regions of Svalbard.

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as seen on tv

Polarquest’s 2018 expedition to Svalbard is the subject of two award-winning documentaries. The films follow the Polarquest team during the record-breaking circumnavigation of the Svalbarb archipelago, carrying out scientific research and paying tribute to the lost Airship ITALIA.

Nanuq: an arctic journey from past to future (2020)

Produced by Guia Invernizzi Cuminetti for Addictive Ideas
Director: Emanuele Licitra, Co-director: Paola Catapano

Polarquest (2018)

Produced by FLAIR PRODUCTION and Ushuaïa TV
Directed by Dorothée Adam Mazard and Alwin Courcy

“I have got the Arctic lure and will certainly go North again.”


Louise Arner Boyd

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